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The Jobz Cafe is a job-centric community that provides transparency and accountability using a rewards system for job seekers and recruiters.
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We provide a free option for those who are currently unemployed or simply don't have the disposable income to allocate at this time.  We are charging for our ecosystem so we can keep it Advertisement Free, while offering services that are needed.  Our Jobz Cafe Perks Program allows all our members to obtain rewards to be used inside the cafe and take advantage of our career services and as we grow, discounts on complimentary products & services.

Remember if you are not paying for a product - then your data is the product!

We Know You Know

Refer a Colleague or Friend who joins our ecosystem and you get rewarded. 
Earn Double or Triple Beans if you choose a paid membership.

5 Beans  to you and  5 Beans  to your colleague or friend.  

Want to know more about our Jobz Cafe Perks Program?

We Know You Like To

Share among your friends and they don't even have to join and you get rewarded.
Earn Double or Triple Beans if you choose a paid membership.

1 Beans for each share.


less than a glass of water

per month

  • Connect with Friends
  • Public Messaging
  •  Unlimited Connections*
  • Visible in Member Directory*
  • Delayed access to Group Coaching 
  • Single Perks Rewards


less than a Caffe Latte a week

$15 | $10
monthly | annually

  • Everything Regular and then some . . .
  • Direct Messaging
  • Online Chat (text)
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Rate Members (like Uber)
  • Double Perks Rewards


less than  a  mocha coffee & panini  a week

$47 | $30
monthly | annually

  • Everything Medium and then even more . . .
  • Follow Members
  • Online Chat (video) 
  • 30 mins  Personal Coaching per month
  •  Practice Interview**
  • Resume Critique**
  • Post Videos
  • Triple  Perks Rewards
*some features only available during beta
** One Practice Interview & One Resume Critique per year.

About us

Getting people together faster

There is a need for fairer, transparent recruiting and Jobz Cafe is developing an ecosystem that will deliver this and more. We have analyzed the problems and identified solutions that will encourage a shift in the thinking about the way job seekers spend their time looking for their next opportunity, and the way recruiters find their next great hire. 


Step by step

We all know people or have been there ourselves when we find the perfect job on a job board or LinkedIn and spend the whole day tweaking our resume to suit the posting.  The old way of getting noticed isn't working anymore - we need something new!

Step 1. Engagement

Relationships are key to finding your next job and the one after that. You have to dig the well before you need to drink. Relationship building takes time, it isn’t only when you find yourself out of a job or when you are looking for a candidate.

Step 2. Social Responsibility

We encourage engagement through a program of internal rewards that benefit both recruiters and job seekers. We grow our community through helping each other.

Step 3. Data Ownership

Job seekers aren’t aware that someone has taken ownership of their information until it is too late and usually the job offer is rescinded.   Data is out there somewhere with the job seeker having little to no ownership of it and what is done with it.

Step 4. Change the Experience

More than 45% of job seekers never hear anything back from the employer, 83% of candidates rate their job search experience poor. Job seekers and recruiters are ranked by each other using Uber-like rankings. 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein

Our Teams

We have the
best people

The modern organization structure is evolving to meet the next generation.  A shared or distributed leadership structure caters for a high-performance culture by allowing individuals to do what they are good at and minimizing the need to do things they are not able to excel at. We all spend considerable amounts of time in the pursuit of career goals and so we encourage individuals to obtain these goals, whether with Jobz Cafe or any other company.

We don’t own employees; rather we are custodians for whatever length of time employees are with us.

How we work

Join our team

As a growing company we are always looking for people who might be the next great addition to our team - maybe not today, but maybe in the not to distance future.  We would love to chat and start the conversation. 

Please email us at hello@thejobzcafe.com and be aware we will respond to every email with a personal touch - we do not use automated response systems for engaging with job seekers.  Practice what you preach is our motto.

Recruiters / Career Coaches

Have you worked in an staffing agency or been an independent executive recruiter who would like to team up and change the tired retained search and contingency model? 

Creative & Marketing

A large part of our business is marketing and creating the buzz to let the community know who we are and what we do - Are you good at telling the story?


Are you great at organization, strategy and planning - getting the business to run smoothly?  Do you excel with the details and making things happen?

Research & Development

Can you code, or do you think that research, design and development are parts of your genius?  Do you have experience with distributed ledger technology - in particular Hashgraph and smart contracts?  



We regularly contribute to the conversation with our blog, Click here to access.